VOM Edible Cloud

FOOD DESIGN — Client: VOM — Year: 2021

I had the great chance to work with Plat Institute as a chef consulting to help develop VOM EDIBLE CLOUD. VOM is a new gastronomic technique that allows generating flying clouds of fine bubbles filled with helium gas, with infinite flavors and aromas. It forms clouds or discs with poetic creative shapes that float and rise in the air. This is possible thanks to the properties of the “Formula1” emulsion and its multiple accessories. Bartenders, Chefs, and Pastry Chefs: With VOM, imagination comes to power! Unlimited applications, for sweet and savory recipes that will surprise and amaze your customers. You can serve these ethereal bites as a decorative or gustatory element or for a guaranteed WOW effect. VOM offers infinite ways of presentation and use. Present edible or breathable flavored airs in an original way, in static or dynamic version thanks to holders and tamers. The cloud remains stable for 4 to 5 minutes depending on the PH of the product. Tame the VOM clouds and make fun conceptual shapes with them. A gastronomic technique to play, explore and discover the effects of helium! If enough of this harmless gas is inhaled, the voice is tuned for a few seconds, to become children again in the time of a sigh.