Triada Mediterránea

GASTRO HAPPENING — Client: Hidden Factory Barcelona — Year: 2020


The Artwork:

The Ritual of the Mediterranean Triad is an artistic installation in triptych format: 3 pieces in mixed technique on wood and biodegradable materials of large dimensions 120cm x 150cm. Each work is an allegory of a product of the Mediterranean Triad inspired by the Greco-Latin pantheon, Iberian culture and the ‘mystery cults’ of the Eastern Mediterranean. The Triptych is intended as a ritual work in which the viewer is invited to participate and raise the value of these 3 pillars of our civilization.

«3 products that unite us and we are proud to share with the world»

The Bread, represented by an allegory to Demeter and the Iberian Ladies, holds a large bread on carved hands as a shelf. The bread recipe is inspired by a historical Greek bread made as an offering to Persephone. Framed in a braid of vegetal fibers of peasant ropes from Ibiza.

The Wine, symbolized by a woman who emerges from the sea, like Aphrodite, is actually a fountain where the wine emerges from a seashell and falls into an amphora. Framed in wood from the Terra Alta vineyards in Tarragona.

The Olive Oil is ull of symbols that refers us to the goddess Athena, holds an amphora where there is a solid olive oil candle. Framed in olive wood from the Sierra de Cazorla in Jaén.

The ritual:

In a society so conditioned by vanity, it is proposed to look back at the true luxury that are simple things, done with love and with respect for our environment. The installation creates a ritual space for the new religion that the current world of food seems to have become, with aspects as positive as the enhancement of gastronomic culture and dangerous as fashions and dietary fanaticism. The ritual consists of lighting the candle, filling the glass with wine from the source and taking the bread soaked in oil, creating a culinary communion and thus consecrating the Sacred Triad.