De Goze

FOOD STYLING — Client: Hidden Factory Barcelona — Year: 2019

Common project with the photographer Paula Costantino inspired by the XV-XVIII art protraits using food with very strong symbolism to express concepts linked with the liberation and bounds of feminity. — Producer and idea: Paula Costantino and Xavier Morón. Stylist: Mora Dorrego. Makeup: Mariana Tosunian, Camila Argomedo. Hairstyle: Camila Argomedo. Food & Styling: Javier Morón. Customer & Accessories: Paola Idrontino. Assistant: Lucía Andreacchio. Texts: Luciana Peker. Design: Flor Iwan. Models: Maria Pietranera, Julieta Ferraro, Isabel Llanos, Carmen Castillo, Pam Susana, Elsa Gomez, Anna Gabriella Herrera, Elea Lenvers, Coral Gimeno, Marta Martins, Andrea Beckers.